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My yoga journey

Yoga found me almost ten years ago.

My first powerfull moment of yoga was when I participated in a hot yoga class in a yoga studio near me. It was a terrible experience. My body was stiff and the heat was almost too much to bear. It was an advanced class and needless to say, I felt really out of place.

I decided yoga was not for me. However, yoga decided differently. Several years later I took part in a detox and meditation retreat in Rhonda, Spain and met my first real yoga teacher Ajan Yogi. He changed my view and experience about yoga. I cried during the classes as the tensions and blocked emotions were set free. I learned the essence of yoga. It is a spiritual practise. Ajan taught me mantras, meditation, yoga Nidra and pranayama but most of all he showed me that yoga is about going inside and doing the work.

I am grateful to Ajan. He is the best yoga teacher I have ever met. His way of teaching yoga, asana and mediation is just powerful.

You are your own guru.

Yoga has the power to change your life.

For me yoga is an essential part of going inside and doing my work. Sun salutations are easy to do anywhere. They are a great way to start the day.

Mantras are an art form haven't master yet, but I love to listen to them.

Here is a link to Ajan's FB page and You tube mantras. I hope you find as much joy in listening to them as I do.


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