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Why meditation matters?

Mediation can take many different forms. Some mediate in the nature, some at home, some in silence and some with music or by listening to a guided mediation. The form doesn't matter. What is most important to me is that we take time to pause, breathe and relax.

Feelings and thoughts

During mediation it might be hard to quiet our mind as it continues to produce thoughts. That is perfectly ok. Mind does what mind is designed to do. It thinks. Overtime, when the mind is accustomed to your daily moment of meditation it too will calm down.

Feelings might arise. That is the moment to explore more. That is the key to your inner work. You might feel anger, frustration, anxiety, love or sadness. You don't have to change your feelings. Just let them be. Accept each emotion and welcome it to pass.

Mediating daily brings me peace. Peace allows me to make decision from my heart because when I am at peace I am in harmony with myself. Through my daily practise I have noticed that events and people do not tricker me anymore. I feel free.

Setting aside time for yourself is essential for your happiness. Just be with what is. Breathe. You'll be ok.


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