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Drops of happiness fall on your palms

Drop by Drop Joy fills your heart 

That is Love and that is all

A story of Healing and Finding Happiness

Drops of Happiness tells a story about Sandra, a woman in her forties, whose heart has been broken for six years. She has been looking for a cure with no luck until she travels to Spain and takes part in a yoga and healing retreat in the Andalusian mountains. 

Sharman is a magical place where miracles happen every summer. This year is no exception. Every person on the retreat plays a role in Sandra's journey to happiness. Mike and Eduardo, a couple who come to Sharman every summer John who's digesting a new life situation Lora, a top model with family health challenges Richard, a businessman whose doctor ordered him to join the retreat just to mention a few. Each member of the group shares their wisdom and compassion in their unique way. 

During the seven days, strangers become friends as unexpected events tie the group together for life.

Sandra finds her drops of happiness and so does everyone else on the retreat.  

I found my wings and ended my fight 

Oh, I am ready for my brand-new flight 

I soar, I see, I take back my might 

I am free and I am light 



What readers say about Drops of Happiness

"What a wonderful book! The beautiful  pictures the author paints of nature, delicious food, touching meditations and the loveable characters make you feel as if you are participating in the retreat too. Strangers meet and share their deepest feelings of joy, sorrow and laughter.  Life long friendships are made.  Drops of happiness gives you faith in healing even the deepest of wounds, forming life changing friendships and trusting that love is there for everyone."

Liisa, Finland

"Drops of Happiness is a book of joy and understanding of what is important in life. A  joyful and insightful read. 

Could not put the book down!" 

Riikka, Finland

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