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The Book Drops of Happiness

Welcome to Drops of Happiness

The book took me four years to write. During that time, it gained new layers and even new characters. However, the essence of the story stayed the same. 

It is a woman's journey of self-love, healing and inner peace. Moreover, it is a book of love, friendships and miracles.


Love is love, it obeys no man-made rules. 

Enjoy Sandra's story. The seven days on the yoga retreat in the Spanish mountains changed her life.

I'd love to hear what you think of it. 


Sanna Ahonen

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How did I become a writer

About my journey: how did I become a writer?     


I have had a long career in the business world leading company transformations in the global and international arenas. My work has included telecommunications, airline, logistics and consulting businesses. I've learned from exceptional leaders, colleagues and team members on how to lead change in a business setting.

But leading my personal change- that I learned by living through my challenges. 

We go through life experiencing events that can change our lives. Some are hard to accept and some bring endless joy. The events that break us can eventually save us. It is through that crack that Grace gets in. And in that Grace is the seed for self-love and healing. It was through doing the inside work that I found my drops of happiness. What was my most significant insight? Well, I learnt that you are enough and love really is the only thing worth fighting for. 

Although the story of Drops of Happiness and Sandra is not my story, it was born of my experience. I have written books as a hobby for the last fifteen years. Words have such power and stories can translate feelings and insights in a heart-touching way. That is my why for continuing to write books every day.  

... There is joy in those little charms 

I have created daily drops of inspiration for you. See DAILY DROPS for your message today.  

Drops of Happiness is now available 

Read the full story of Sandra and Sharman, a yoga centre in the Spanish mountains. Get to know the yoga teacher Rebecca John, the dance school owner Mike and Eduardo the couple who come to Sharman every year, and many others. 

The story is full of miracles, but most of all it's about doing the work. At the end, there is always love. No-one can heal you but you. 

What do others think about the book? 

You can read what others have said about Drops of Happiness by clicking the button below. 

The book is soon available

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