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Food can heal you - my vegan adventure

Food is an essential part of healing and well-being. I believe that some foods have good vibes and some not so good vibes. I have always eaten in a healthy way. My only un-healthy craving has been white bread and butter. When I met Bettina Bordi for the first time she cooked all my meals for four days. The change in my body was amazing. I noticed that my energy levels were stable all day and I just felt lighter and more focused.

The most amazing thing was that all the food tasted so good. After that experience I embarked on the journey of incorporating more and more vegan stuff into my meals. I did not apply a dogmatic approach to my meals but rather explored what I liked and what made me feel better. Over the years I have noticed that many foods have been dropped off my shopping list. The first to go was red meat and then went milk products.

I have changed my attitude towards food too. Every spoonful I put into my mouth is important. It can either improve my health or have the opposite impact. Being more aware of what I put into my body has made it easier for me to make better choices and find my balance. Cooking is fun too. Exploring new dishes is always an adventure.

If you are interested in learning easy vegan cooking see Bettina's Kitchen and explore simple & easy to make vegan food. She really rocked my world by showing how easy and delicious vegan dishes can be.


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