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What is the secret of a happier life?

Peace is the seed of happiness

How to create a happier life? For me that has been a journey of finding inner peace. There will always be events negative and positive that try to stir our inner peace and tricker reaction. The more you are able to stay in that place of peace no matter what the world throws at you the more you have done your inner work.

Going inside is facing our blocked emotions, inner traumas, the emotions we want to avoid. Going deep requires courage and it takes time. Not everything we find is pretty. The land of all fears as I call it.

Where does peace come from? I believe peace is our natural state we need to rediscover. It is hidden under the pile of emotions, traumas and life events. Once we clear our attachments and deal with the things inside we notice that peace shines through.

Balance and harmony creates well-being

Balance in life is important. I divide my life into the following areas:

1. Health and wellbeing

2. Spiritual practise

3. Relationships

4. Work and career

5. Being of service

Finding balance is discovering what it is in each area that makes me feel good. For instance well-being and health for me is what I eat and how I exercise. I have become a vegetarian that sometimes eats fish and meat. That has balance for me. That is my harmony.

I use the five areas also for assessing my life. How am I doing in those areas? Am I feeling harmonious? If I feel out of balance in some area I explore that further and make the changes needed.

For example, when I look at my relationships I ask myself: Am I being appreciated and respected ? Are people flying with me and supporting my mighty flight?

Balance is a personal experience. No other person can tell you what you need in order to feel balanced.

We evolve over time and what we need in each moment changes. Thus, listening to your own body, mind and spirit is key. Only you can know what works for you.

Finding lasting inner peace is the key element to creating a happier life.


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